Ogam Chicken

Best Ogam Chicken you will ever taste...

Welcome to Ogam Chicken We Ogam Chicken do what is our best to serve the customers with love and tenderness by using fresh ingredients only. We serve not lonly our best Ogam chiken but also our special Korean dishes for your memorable tastes. Try and enoy our best menus!!!!

Our Ogam Chicken is less greasy and yet crispier compared to other fried chicken in general.The sauce is nothing like you ever tasted. Its spicy, sweet sauce, and soy souce will entice your taste buds. Our sauce is based on primarily soy sauce, garlic, and various fruits; thus, our sauce brings healthy benefit in addition to exceptional taste.

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Beers and Soju

We serve the finest beers, wines, and Korean soju match with our Ogam chickens & pastas, and special Korean foods.


We serve your choice of crispy, seasoned, and soy garlic with our special sauces Gravy, Ranch, Ogam hot sauce, Sweet Chill, Soy garlic, and Hot soy garlic for your favority taste. And, our Korean special menus bring healthy benefit in addition to exceptional taste. Try our Korean special menus for your memorable tastes!! Take Out Available!!

Take Out Available


Contact us anytimes, we are always ready for take out what your choice of our best Ogam chicken and Korean special dishes.

We have a delivery service

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